This website is dedicated to a book about Lieutenant Charles “Gunner” Morgan of Spanish American War fame.  I am his grandson and the author along with my childhood friend and award winning author Jacque Hillman.  I was 9 years old in 1957 when a very old, majestic man came to live with us in Somerville, Tennessee.  We called him Cap, short for Captain.  I often wondered where he had been all my life.  The two years he lived with us he became a special person to me as most grandfathers are to grandchildren.  He was mysterious and different.  He wore strange clothing unlike anyone else in our small West Tennessee town.  Every day at 92 years of age, he donned a white suit, tie and a white straw hat and walked the two miles to town and back.  I was amazed when I learned he always pinned a $50 bill, a significant amount in 1957, to the inside of his undershirt.  Over the years I continually discovered new and exciting things about his amazing life and detail those in the book.